Friday, December 30, 2016

Personal Budget Planning 2017


a. Do you have financial goals this year? Then you must have a plan. Without it, it will be impossible to keep track and achieve your financial goals. Failing to plan is planning to fail!

b. Do you have problems with overspending or not knowing where to find money for things that you want to buy? The key is in allocation. If you have a set limit for your expenditures, you don’t have to worry about overspending. Likewise, you also need not deprive yourself too much when you know you have a set budget even for the things that you want.

1. Basic Needs – 50%

Live below your means! The goal is to keep your allowance for basic necessities to not more than 50% of your net income. If 50% is too low, then you can adjust it to up to 60%. If 60% is still not enough, then we have a problem. It’s either your net income is too low or your lifestyle is too high. You need to adjust both. Find ways to increase your income while decreasing your expenses.

Tip: List down all your expenses and then apply the ERIC Strategy which was inspired by the ERRC Grid in Blue Ocean Strategy, my most favorite business book of all time.

ERIC stands for Eliminate, Reduce, Increase and Create. Are there expenses that you can eliminate and reduce? Are there new expenses this year that you need to increase or create in order to design a more realistic budget plan?

Below are the things included in my Basic Needs list this year.

a. Electricity
b. Water
c. Internet
d. Telecommunications
e. House Help
f. Groceries
g. Grooming and Haircut
h. Food
i. Transportation
j. Fitness

If there will be excesses arising from your Basic Needs fund, congratulations in advance! You can do several things with that excess fund.

a. Add it up to your Emergency Fund. (See the last fund below.)
b. Open a new account for excess funds and then use it for anything that you want
c. Use it for others needs such as clothes, accessories, perfumes and etc.
d. Add it up for your next month’s fund

2. Tithes – 10%

As a Bible-believing Christian, I know that at least 10% of my income belongs to God. This amount is given willingly and not by force for God loves a cheerful giver (2 Corinthians 9:7).

If you have a different belief system, you can still use this fund for giving, charity, parents support, relatives support and etc.

3. Investment – 10%

By now, you should know that it’s not enough to save your money in banks alone. It yields very little interest plus it’s very prone to being easily withdrawn by you. The key is in investing it in great investment vehicles.

I personally recommend Pru Life UK’s Prulink Assurance Account Plus for the following reasons:

a. It is a long-term continuous saving plan which allows me to save until my retirement years.

Tip: While you are earning, you should keep on saving and investing. Why stop saving and investing when you can still earn? It’s a lifetime activity really. With Pru Life UK, you can start saving for as low as P1,500 per month. This is one of the reasons why I chose this investment vehicle.

b. It includes whole insurance until 99 years old.

When I turn 100, they will surrender the whole sum assured (usually worth P1M depending on your preference and budget) to me plus the fund value during that time. That’s a lot of money! Of course how fat are the chances that I’ll reach 100 but this is still much better than what other insurance companies offer.

Also, a whole life insurance paid for only a few years for as low as P1,500 per month then the rest of the money will go to my mutual funds? No other investment product can match that!

c. Disability insurance is a core benefit and not an add-on.

Since it is not an add-on, I don’t have to pay extra for it when I want it attached in my policy.

d. Add-on insurances for critical illnesses and hospitalization may be attached.

Who would not want insurances for critical illness and hospitalization? These are insurances that I can’t just avail anytime I want. The time is now when I am still young and healthy!

e. Pru Life UK’s Equity Fund is the best in the Philippines.

Industry rates are readily available online so it’s actually easy to know which company and investment vehicle can give you the highest return for your investment.

To see the latest industry rates, just click here.

f. Pru Life UK is a stable company tracing its roots in London, England way back in 1848.
Want to see a sample proposal from Pru Life UK? Send me a message at 0905 347 4455 or 0998 367 0545. Or email me at

4. Hobbies – 10%

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! As said, the key is in allocation to avoid overspending and even self-deprivation. A budget must be set for the things that bring you joy such as movies, spa, books, clothes, gadgets, travel and others.

Now you already have a set budget for your movie weekends. Now you don’t have to condemn yourself when you buy new clothes. Now you have a funding for your dream travels that you can actually monitor and save money for. All of these are possible because of one thing – budget planning.

5. Business Capital – 10%

Thinking about finally starting a business of your own this year? Well you have a year ahead of you to save up for the business capital. You may create a traditional business, join a reputable MLM company or invest in real estate. All of these need money so you better be intentional about it.

6. Emergency Fund – 10%

Since 90% of your income is already allocated for specific purposes, 10% of it may serve as a buffer by creating a fund for emergencies.

More Tips:

a. You may tweak this budget plan to suit your own goals for 2017. You may use the ERIC Strategy by Eliminating or Creating new items. And also by Reducing or Increasing the allocation for each items.

b. You may open new bank accounts for each item for easier monitoring and to avoid mix ups when pooled in just a single bank account.

c. You may want to create online payment systems to pay your monthly recurring bills. This allows you to save time, energy and more money.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

6 Ways To Avoid Christmas Shopping Stress And Overspending

1. The key is in budgeting.

Have you really set aside money for you gift-giving this Christmas? Did you know that even without a Christmas bonus, you can (and you must) create a Christmas Fund which you can add to your holiday gift-giving budget? It can start at as small as 5% of your income per month.

Sometimes, the Christmas bonus gets short due to some unexpected expenditures in December that is why creating a separate Christmas Fund is advisable. Know more about my Personal Money Management System by clicking here.

2. Make a list of all the people you need to buy gifts to.

To save time, energy and money, first, decide who are going to receive gifts from you this Christmas. Some people respond better to wrapped gifts such as kids while some others prefer cash or gift certificates. Deciding who are the ones to receive wrapped gifts and who are the ones to receive cash and gift certificates allows you to focus more on shopping for the wrapped gifts since the latter is faster and easier.

3. Allocate a maximum amount for each person.

Since we are working on a budget, obviously, each person should be assigned a maximum amount too. The goal is to get the best gift for the person at a price not exceeding the budget.

4. Brainstorm gift ideas within the maximum amount. Or better yet, find a way to know their wish lists.

It’s the thought that counts! You may be working on a limited budget per person but that doesn’t mean you will just simply settle for “cheap” items. Sometimes, the person’s preferred item may fall within your budget. Find out what they like.

5. Plan where you will be buying the gifts.

Before you go to the mall, make sure that you already know the items you will be buying and where to best find them. By keeping a list handy, it will save you a lot of time and energy roaming around looking for the gifts. Also, it will lessen the possibilities of being tempted to spend on things that aren’t on your planned list – which happens a lot of times during shopping, Christmas or not.

6. Maximize the online stores.

There are online stores offering free shipping and discounts during the holiday season. Some of them may even wrap the gifts for you. This will surely save you time, money and energy. Maximize their presence.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Basic Training Course 101 For Aspiring Pru Life UK Financial Consultants


Are you ready to begin your journey towards becoming a Pru Life UK financial consultant? Carefully follow the 5-step application process before checking this out. Click here.

January 2017
Basic Training Course (BTC) 101
Schedule and Locations


a. Day

January 11 to 13
9am to 6pm
Makati and Ortigas

b. Pru Review

January 14
9am to 6pm
Makati and Ortigas

c. Exam

January 16
6pm to 9pm
Makati and Ortigas

a. Night

January 17 to 20
6pm to 9pm
Makati and Ortigas

b. Day

January 18 to 20
9am to 6pm
Makati and Ortigas

c. Pru Review

January 21
9am to 6pm
Makati and Ortigas

d. Exam

January 23
6pm to 8pm
Makati and Ortigas

a. Night

January 24 to 27
6pm to 9pm
Makati and Ortigas

b. Day

January 25 to 27
9am to 6pm
Makati and Ortigas

c. Pru Review

January 28
9am to 6pm
Makati and Ortigas

d. Exam

January 30
6pm to 8pm
Makati and Ortigas


a. Ortigas (30th floor, Wynsum Tower, Emerald Ave., Ortigas)
b. Makati (19th floor, Tower 6789, Ayala Avenue, Makati City)


a. How to apply?

Applying is easy! Just carefully follow the 5-step application process. Click here.

b. Is Pru Review required?

Pru Review is required for those who will take the Night sessions. It is optional for those who will take the Day sessions.

c. Is the Exam required?

Yes. The goal of the whole training is to pass the licensing exam under the Insurance Commission.

d. Are there fees to be paid?

Yes. Please refer to The Rookie Handbook for more details. Click here.

e. Can I skip days?

Each day is pre-requisite to the next so you cannot skip Day 1 but you may skip the others. To be safe, always inquire to the Training Officer. They are in charge of the whole training and recruitment process.

The Rookie Handbook: A Complete Guide To Being A Pru Life UK Financial Consultant

Are you ready to begin your journey towards becoming a Pru Life UK financial consultant? Carefully follow the 5-step application process before checking this out. Click here.


Step 1: Basic Training Course 101 (BTC 101 – Required) 

To see the latest BTC 101 schedule and locations, click here.


Life Stage Financial Planning (LSFP) involves a one-on-one interaction between the recruit and the Unit Manager or recruiter. This is usually required within the BTC 101 but may be postponed to a later date.

Below are the schedules of LSFP during BTC 101.
a. Day – Friday (4:30pm)
b. Night – Saturday (5pm)

Step 2: Fees (As of August 2016) 

a. Training Fee – P300 (one time payment including food and modules)
b. Licensing Fee – P1,530 per license (Variable or Traditional)
c. Exam Fee – P1,010 per license (Variable or Traditional)

You are not required to take both licenses but it is highly encouraged that you take both. Otherwise, prioritize the Variable license.

Step 3: Pru Review 

Saturdays (9am to 6pm)
a. Optional for Day
b. Required for Night

a. Ortigas (30th floor, Wynsum Tower, Emerald Ave., Ortigas)
b. Makati (19th floor, 6789 Building (New Building), Ayala Avenue, Makati City)

a. Pru Review is required for those who will take the Night sessions. It is optional for those who will take the Day sessions.

Step 4: Licensing Exam (Required) 

Mondays (6pm to 8pm)

a. Ortigas (30th floor, Wynsum Tower, Emerald Ave., Ortigas)
b. Makati (10th floor, SSHG Law Center, Paseo de Roxas, Makati City)

a. Exam results shall be received by the branch secretaries within 7 days after the exam.
b. During this waiting period, feel free to meet your prospects.

Step 5: Exam Day Requirements  

a. P1,010 Exam Fee per license (Variable, Traditional or both)
b. Barangay or NBI Clearance
c. Government issued ID 4.4 pcs. 1x1 picture with red background

Step 6: Coding (Required) 

After passing the licensing exam, you shall be invited to the Jadeite branch office to complete some forms. This will be also be your homebase as an agent.

Jadeite Brand Office, 20th Floor, Wynsum Bldg., Emerald Ave., Ortigas. Look for Ms. Lhen Macapagal. You may reach her through 0906 778 0431.

Step 7: Equotes Installation

a. Best option is to visit the Pru Life UK Head Office at 7th Floor, Uptown Place Tower 1, 1 East 11th Drive Uptown Bonifacio Taguig. Office is open from 9am to 2pm only.
b. If you are willing to wait, you may leave your laptop to the branch secretary. Equotes installations are usually scheduled during 2nd and 4th week of the month.
c. Please avoid Acer laptops. The brand is not Equotes friendly.

Step 8: In-House Training (Required) 

Saturdays (9am to 12pm) with Branch Manager Lani Robles

Jadeite Brand Office, 20th Floor, Wynsum Bldg., Emerald Ave., Ortigas. Look for Ms. Lhen Macapagal. You may reach her through 0906 778 0431.

Step 9:  6 in 8 Training (Required)  

a. It is a requirement for all rookies to attend at least 6 sessions within 8 weeks.
b. Attend the 6 sessions and close at least 6 cases in 8 weeks (regardless of Annual Premium Equivalent or APE) and win P3,000 plus P200 Starbucks GC per closed case.

6 in 8 Training Schedule
a. Tuesdays – 6pm to 8pm (Ortigas) with UM Jolly or BM Lani
b. Wednesdays – 6pm to 9pm (Makati) with UM Karen
c. Saturdays – 1pm to 4pm (Makati) with UM Jhett or UM Karen


1. Weekly release of commission 

2. Quarterly Production Bonus (QPB) with at least 85% Persistency Rate  

a. P150K – P199K – 12%
b. P200K – P299K – 14%
c. P300K – P499K – 17%
d. P500K and up – 20%

3.National Achievers Club (January to December)

a. Qualifying Member – P750K
b. Senior Achiever – P1.5M
c. CEO – P2.5M
d. Star Club – P3.5M

Other perks
a. 50% Discount on HMO Card
b. Letterhead
c. Business Cards
d. Cross Pen – priced at P3,250
e. To be published in major national broadsheets

4. Pru League of Rookies (Within 12 months after coding) 


1.Protection Drive (January to December) 

2.Monthly Contests & Promos



a. Suitability Form
b. Application Form
c. Autodebit or Credit Card Application
d. Proposal or QP
e. At least 1 Government ID screenshot

2.Submission to BOA thru Unit Secretary 

3.Waiting for Feedback and Completion from NBU (New Business Unit) 

May or may not require check up and APS (Attending Physician Statements)

4. Policy Delivery 


1. Essential Forms 

a. Application
b. Suitability
c. Autodebit or Credit Card Application Form
d. Attending Physician Statement

2.Your flashdrive

To contain soft copies of forms, primers and other productivity materials

3.Table of Commission Rates 


This is is a flipboard of all the insurance riders. This can be bought through the unit secretary for only P160.


Branch Trainings 
a. 6 in 8 Training
b. Skills Transfer Training – Mondays (1pm to 3pm), sharing of best practices among colleagues
c. Branch Meetings – every first Saturday of the month (1pm to 5pm)
d. Happy @ Work – Quarterly only during Quarterly Production Bonus release, for Assistant Unit Managers and up

Unit Trainings
a. Rookie Huddle – Mondays (9:30am to 12pm)
b. I am MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table) – Saturday (8am to 12pm) once a month only