I know you are here because just like me you are on a lookout for low cost but quality investments for your hard-earned money.

Did you know that with Pru Life UK, we may already invest in mutual funds while getting life, disability, accident, critical illness and hospitalization insurances at the same time?

Gone are the days that life insurance benefits can only be made useful at the time of death.

Plus, we know that our HMO’s can provide for everything, thus we need a more comprehensive insurance that must not be co-terminus. (Meaning, even if we resign with our current company, it can still provide for us during the time of need.)

Below is a sample proposal for a 30-year old male investing P1,500 per month.

  • Projected Fund Value by Age 65 -P1,900,000 

Is it withdrawable? 

Yes, even earlier than your 65th birthday, for as long as there is enough fund value. 

This amount represents the earnings from the mutual fund. This can be used for your retirement, children education, dream house, dream car, dream vacation and etc.

Sounds great? 

That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Below are the insurance coverages your P1,500 per month can avail you.

  • Life Insurance - P500,000 
  • Disability Insurance – P450,000 
  • Accident Insurance – P250,000 
  • Critical Illness Insurance – P250,000 
  • Waiver of Premium on Disability – P18,000 Annually 
  • Hospital Allowance – P1,000 Daily 

Sounds great again?

So why Pru Life UK?

1. Excellent industry performance

Do we need to look any further?
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Of course, we are looking for the company which will grow our money with the highest return.

And with that, on the right is the latest performance of Pru Life UK against the competition.

You can also check out the performances in the industry during the past few months. Click here.

2. Multi-awarded fund manager

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That performance was made possible because Pru Life UK have a fund manager that is the best in whole of Asia. 

It is called Eastsprings Investments and they are based in Singapore.

Eastspring is a multi-awarded retail asset manager– which was also hailed as the biggest one in Asia for three years in a row.

It is also the first foreign fund manager to handle the equity portfolio of Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas.

That portfolio was set up to provide retirement funding for the employees of the central bank.

To see the many achievements of Eastspring, click here.

3. Strength that stood the test of time (and icebergs)

Worried that the company may close any time soon? Not Pru Life UK.

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Did you know that Pru Life UK has more than 292 insured passengers when Titanic sank in the erarly 1900’s?

Yes, even one of the world’s greatest tragedies did not sink Pru Life UK.

In the Philippines, did you know that Pru Life UK is also the first to introduce the variable unit linked insurance policies?

Variable unit linked whatsits?

Variable unit linked insurance policies or VUL are simply insurance policies with mutual fund components.

Now, it’s anymore scary to get insurance policies. Our money won’t have to go down the drain every year for nothing.

Thanks to Pru Life UK, what we pay every year now goes to mutual funds which grow overtime.

Now, your money works double time – growing your money while protecting it.

Also, in the investment pyramid, getting insurance policies is the first priority.
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If you are done with Protection, then you can proceed with Wealth Accumulation and Wealth Distribution.

Ready to take the first step towards your financial awareness, protection and – eventually – freedom?

Just send me your full name, birthday, best time and place for meeting and I’ll invite you for a mini-financial planning.

Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon!

Mark Delgado
Financial Consultant
Pru Life UK
Globe – 0905 347 4455
Smart – 0998 367 0545
Email – markjosephdelgado (dot) ymail (com)

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